Masaya Market is the first website to offer a wide range of handmade crafts from Nicaragua. Browse our online store for the best offers on hammocks, powerful slingshots, spinning tops, toys, leather sandals, jewelry and more, with every single item in that list personally handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nicaragua.
Our site is geared towards tourists, but available to everyone! If you have previously visited Nicaragua, but couldn’t take anything home with you, this is great chance to buy the product you were looking for and get it shipped to your country. Everyone who can appreciate fine craftsmanship will enjoy the items that we have to offer as well.

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100% Handmade


We take pride in the fact that we only offer 100% hand-crafted items from Nicaragua, produced with love by people who have mastered their trade. When it comes to items like hammocks, the amazing artisans behind their creation are able to form such intricate patterns that cannot be replicated by any known automated process.

Even as the world is moving in the direction of efficiency and technology, handmade products are highly sought after because of their much higher value, quality and longevity. If you wish to have an item from Nicaragua that’s going to be around you for many years to come, feel free to look through the online store at Masaya Market.


Quality Control


Handmade products are known to vary in quality and durability. Our online store only features the finest crafts, hand-picked by a professional review staff. You won’t see any poor items for sale on this website, as all incoming goods are thoroughly inspected before being put on our warehouse shelves.


When checking every product for their quality, we pay extra attention to durability. It’s easy to negatively evaluate a product that has a visual flaw, but defects that make it less durable are much more likely to pass unnoticed. We do this for you and refrain from selling products that have even the smallest hint of being defective.


Masaya Market brings you the best crafts from Nicaragua so that you can enjoy everything that’s good about the country far away, in the comfort of your home. You can let them become a part of your personal world to fall back on at times when you want to be alone, or introduce all your friends to these amazing products. Whatever you choose, we will ship you your order in the shortest possible time.


Convenient Service


Our automated online store allows you to purchase any of our products 24/7 and all year round. The website design is kept fast and efficient, with the least amount of distractions and potential delays. New visitors will be able to choose, read about and buy any product within a few minutes of discovering the site.


Customers who are experiencing some issues with our service or wish to inquire about our offers and pricing are encouraged to contact the customer service at Masaya Market, either by email or phone. Once you let us know about your request, a representative of our company will respond to you shortly with helpful answers and instructions for further course of action.


The customer feedback we have received so far is mostly compiled of positive reactions to our amazing handmade products from Nicaragua. It has also helped tremendously in increasing the usability and improving the intuitive use interface of our website.


Trusted Partners


The reliable partners of Masaya Market include regular customers, popular e-commerce sites, known eBay sellers, retail shops, home import businesses and local startups. We maintain a strong connection with them, serving both individuals, companies and corporate buyers to the best of our ability.




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