Masaya Market is the first website to offer a wide range of handmade crafts. Browse our online store for the best offers on hammocks, powerful slingshots, spinning tops, toys, leather sandals, jewelry and more, with every single item in that list personally handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nicaragua.
Our site is geared towards tourists, but available to everyone! If you have previously visited Nicaragua, but couldn’t take anything home with you, this is great chance to buy the product you were looking for and get it shipped to your country. Everyone who can appreciate fine craftsmanship will enjoy the items that we have to offer as well.

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Patio garden outdoor decor | gifts handmade handcrafted

Patio Garden Outdoor Decor | Gifts Handmade Handcrafted

Patio Garden Outdoor Decor | Gifts Handmade Handcrafted






























The best Outdoor Décor and handicrafts are here!

Relaxation, comfort and pleasures of life are no longer restricted to the indoors, as the entire world is changing rapidly and so is the means and interests of people. It is the outdoors that have taken a front seat now and people from all walks of life are trying their best to add some fun and unique elements to their precious outdoor spaces. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, one always has the opportunity of creating a pleasing and comforting outdoor space by laying a patio garden, which seems somewhat incomplete without few must-have accessories. Masaya Market, a first of its own kind online website offers numerous options when it comes to patio garden outdoor décor that are bound to make your outdoor space worth cherishing and relaxing.

A large number of people want to experiment with their patio gardens by adding unique accessories but unfortunately they don’t find anything unique and authentic at local handicraft retail shops. At Masaya Market, we provide a wonderful platform to all handicraft lovers and offer them the best of Gifts handmade handcrafted accessories that are not just unique but worth every penny you spend on them. We have an extensive range of outdoor accessories such as country style wall décor including walk hooks and knife handles etc. which are carefully crafted by our skilled craftsmen located in Nicaragua.

Though our website is primarily focused on giving ample of options to tourists visiting Nicaragua in terms of shopping but we feel honored to extend our handicrafts to the rest of the individuals located in different parts of the world as well. So, whether you’ve visited Nicaragua or not, we are giving you a wonderful opportunity to explore its authentic, country-style handicrafts and unique garden accessories. In order to make your shopping experience at our website worthwhile, we have made different sections of products and handicrafts that we tend to offer to our customers, so that you don’t have to waste even a single minute of your precious time in order to get what you wish to shop.

We have separate sections for handmade jewelry, key chains, leather sandals, country style wall décor and most importantly hammocks. Hammocks chairs can be regarded as one such accessory without which an outdoor space or patio garden can never look relaxing and fun. At Masaya Market, we offer the most comfortable, stylish, durable and strong hammock chairs to our customers that are 100% hand woven. Each and every model of our Hammocks is uniquely designed and handcrafted by some of the most skilled craftsmen in Nicaragua which makes them equipped to handle any weight and pressure with much ease. One is free to choose from our colorful variety of hammocks based on one’s needs and preferences and can simply enjoy the pleasures of sitting back in their outdoor space.

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